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Honorary members


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Honorary members




Jeff is the longest serving past president of the Canadian Society of Technical Analysis (CSTA).
Fine programmer, mechanical trading system designer, head of wealth management & associate portfolio manager at a large Canadian investment firm, he always finds time to regularly organize educational meetings such as the Toronto MetaStock group where the's founder has been a member (1999 - 2002).

Multi talented as he is, Jeff even likes writing lines of code and posting them on the Net for free to help strangers who ask questions in the forums.

Nobody in Canada's history has contributed more to the dissemination of technical analysis of the financial markets than Jeff.
For this reason he has been awarded The Technical Analysis Society of St. Lucia Honorary Award in May 2010.


Jaume is a private trader, MetaStock and Reuters data reseller in Spain.
A talented programmer, he owned and maintained a web site for Spanish-speaking investors where European stocks have been updated in real-time on Renko charts, the world's only such free service since 2004.
Jaume is the Spanish translator of founder's "The Reversal Charts", the only book in the world describing the three old Japanese price charts of Kagi, Renko and Three-line Break in great detail.



He ceased public activities related to financial investments in 2012.

For his unique contribution to the dissemination of technical analysis of the financial markets to Spanish investors, Jaume has been awarded The Technical Analysis Society of St. Lucia Honorary Award in May 2010.




Leaving a top sales & marketing job at Hewlett-Packard, France in 2004, Claude, a technically oriented investor, is the most prolific translator of French investing books (published mainly at Valor Editions), including founder's "The Reversal Charts" (2005).
He continues giving seminars on the old Japanese charts in France, Belgium and Switzerland and keeps close contact with his followers.

Claude retired in 2009 and his web site is now closed.
However, he offers a free, introductory article on TLB charts in Adobe .pdf format here to visitors of

For his admirable efforts in promoting concepts of technical analysis of the financial markets to French-speaking investors for many years, Claude has been awarded The Technical Analysis Society of St. Lucia Honorary Award in May 2010.


USA author, lecturer and money manager John R. Hill is President and founder of Futures Truth Co. which publishes a trading systems and programming magazine since 1985.

He pioneered professional systems testing, discovering the valuable ones and eliminating the fake ones at no material benefit to himself, at a time when the up-trend of private cyber-trading began its ascent in the 1980's.

John R. HILL

John R. HILL

Compared to most professionals who use the stock markets as their personal piggybank to fund mean and selfish goals such as putting kids through college, buying a new home or latest sports car, John understood to exceed himself not only in bringing his inspired contributions to the field of technical analysis to the masses through publishing market research works over the years but also in fighting the charlatans who, under the pretense of high gains from what they were affectionately calling "trading systems", wanted to enrich themselves at the expense of the gullible public.
John has put several vendors of mechanical trading systems out of business for their hyped-up, unscrupulous claims showing that what they were selling was in fact software of inferior quality which, if used, would have generated irrecoverable losses to buyers.

Additionally, John succeeded to involve his family with online securities trading at one time proving he had the skills, enthusiasm and inspiration to diversify not only among different asset classes, time frames, capital sizes or trading systems in order to pursue profits but also among different ages, skill levels, zodiacs and destinies.

He lives on his old 200-acre estate in North Carolina, USA and is still professionally active at the age of 88 in 2013 traveling often to Japan where he is an icon to Asian investors.

For his insightful technical analysis works and combative spirit in righting the wrongs of the stock market's dark side gratis when he did not have to do so, Mr. John R. HILL has been awarded The Technical Analysis Society of St. Lucia Honorary Award in April 2013.


J. Welles WILDER

J. Welles WILDER

Welles is an USA mechanical engineer who switched to real estate and later switched to full-time commodities trading.
Very successful on each of these three fronts, he produced a technical analysis masterpiece: New Concepts in Technical Trading Systems, which he self-published in 1978, right at the dawn of the PC era.

No analyst before or after that year ever managed to produce more major Indicators and mechanical trading systems than Welles: his innovations are found in all charting software packages.

Many researchers worked on his discoveries over the years to add a new twist or build up new technical tools based on his ideas, but nobody succeeded to match the quality of his novelties.
Seeming to follow a pattern of growth and change from success to success, Welles abandoned his groundbreaking inventions in favor of The Delta Phenomenon, a unique concept which a totally unknown mathematician and trader until then has introduced to him in 1983.

His great passion for price charts made Welles influence his son, David, positively into becoming a fund manager.

Envisioning the huge problems USA has today and the downtrend that started because of swelling government debt in the 1980's, Welles retired early at that time to Christchurch, New Zealand where he and his wife live reclusively.  They are old not getting any younger, and his picture above taken in 2009 might be among the last ones available to the public.

For his brilliance and unsurpassed originality, Mr. J. Welles WILDER, living legend, has been awarded The Technical Analysis Society of St. Lucia Honorary Award in August 2013, on our 7th anniversary.


Who has not heard of Martin?
It is impossible for a cyber-trader not to have come across Martin's technical analysis works.
If such calamity were still possible, here is an opportunity to get to know a few facts about him.

This is a mere attempt on my part to make justice to one of the greatest technicians alive knowing in advance that I simply cannot pen all the beautiful details of Martin's illustrious career here.

Martin J. PRING

Martin J. PRING

USA stockbroker since 1969, educator, author, lecturer, newsletter writer, market researcher and fund manager, Martin J. Pring has been active longer than most professionals in this industry.

He is the world's first author to put together a book and CD package in 1997 for the absolute beginner to learn price charts principles fast and well confirming my belief that, no matter how big the fund a money manager handles, that money manager - if he is the real McCoy - can still find time to educate the public.

Among his many books, instructional CDs and videos is his masterpiece the 'Technical Analysis Explained', the bible of price charts reading.

The recipient of several prestigious industry awards, Martin distinguished himself not only by steady returns from the funds he managed, but also by developing his own mechanical trading system, Know Sure Thing (KST), which he made available to the public.
In one of the most secretive industries where money managers see no reason to reveal their moneymaking concepts to outsiders, Martin was not afraid that his signature system would stop working for him if he publicizes it.  After all Martin is the second strongest character on Earth in the Chinese zodiac.
"Secrets" about KST flood the Internet by now and MetaStock sells an add-on with that name for years.

Energetic and influential, Martin also succeeded in making his wife, Lisa, dabble in securities.  How many traders can say the same in a world where lots of them had to divorce their shopping-happy and excessive spending other significant half in order to achieve peace of mind and continue their value creation work?

Martin lives in Florida, USA, is present at major investment shows on the international circuit and continues his activity at all levels: educator, author and fund manager.  He is the perfect proof that if someone really loves what he does for a living, that person is blessed with finding time, energy and resources to do many things at the same time, not just one at a time.

For his seminal contribution to the dissemination of technical analysis of the financial markets to the masses, for his royal attitude of fearlessly sharing his KST mechanical trading system with all of us, for his pioneer work in bringing innovation to the publication of textbooks and for enduring success in a field where not many pros last long and where his name will last forever, Mr. Martin J. PRING has been awarded The Technical Analysis Society of St. Lucia Honorary Award in August 2014 on our 8th anniversary.



Steven B. Achelis

Steven is the man behind MetaStock, the first of the world's two oldest charting software packages.
He started his software company in 1982 while he was investing heavily.
Steven realized that all charts and calculations for analyzing securities could be done by anyone with a personal computer.  From this vision, Equis Int'l and MetaStock® were born, first released in 1985.
PC Magazine awarded The Technician and MetaStock an Editor's Choice Award, featuring the software on the cover in April 1986.

In response to increasing demand for a real-time version of MetaStock, MetaStock RT™ was released in July 1992.  Since then, numerous versions of both EOD and RT versions have been released.  (Read the full software history here).

From the beginning, Steven always worked to make sure that what he was creating would have real value for investors.  The result of his genius is that  MetaStock has over 150,000 customers in over 97 countries now, and received numerous awards, including the Readers' Choice Award from Stocks & Commodities Magazine for over 20 consecutive years: the best investment charting and analysis software.

An extraordinary programmer, Steven is also an author,  chartist, inventor, investor,  and philanthropist.
He sold Equis Int'l some years ago and goes on with his private trading, presides over several software companies and cares to participate in rescue missions in the mountains of Utah, USA.
Steven, you climbed all the mountaintops of the investment world!

I use MetaStock since Dec. 1997 without which I would not have been able to pursue my journey of 19 years now in 2016 as a pure chartist, author, cyber-trading tutor, programmer, charting tools inventor, and investor.
Thank you Steven for having helped a lot of inquisitive minds discover the wonderful world of technical analysis and investments!
Thinking at you, these words made my day:

Real success is not when a man manages to do something well
but only when other men using that something achieve success.

For his vision and originality in creating the world's first professional charting software setting an irreversible trend, Mr. Steven B. Achelis has been awarded The Technical Analysis Society of St. Lucia Honorary Award in August 2016 on our 10th anniversary.



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