The Technical Analysis Society of St. Lucia

Caribbean Technical Analysis Magazine (CTAM)

As of June 2012, CTAM is the first and only technical analysis e-magazine in the insular Caribbean (26 island nations with a population of 40 million people and approx. 7,000 islands, most of them uninhabited).

Such publication is missing in the continental Caribbean countries too, exposing the low level of understanding, practicing and profiting from investments in the securities markets among the public.

It is the publisher's wish for CTAM not only to educate but also to provide purpose and focus to highly computer literate islanders who want to start on the road to creating real value.

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Published only on-line (not in print) CTAM's role is to inform the general public on international issues and opportunities related to private cyber-trading, all of which can be analyzed on price charts with the help of technical analysis principles.

CTAM-June-2012 - click to read the first edition gratis.

                  June 2012

Are you looking for increasing your income?

CTAM introduces persons looking for a career change to the world of investments, self-directed cyber-trading and money management, offering detailed information on books, tuition, hardware equipment, trading software, charting software, stories, news and original texts from real professionals, not from amateurs with jobs in the islands.

Online securities trading is the world's best portable, personal, secret and rewarding profession.


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